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Nature and the human body - mind are an intrinsic part of each other. We, at Grasroutes, believe that for a full and complete living, a holistic approach is the primary requisite. Alchemy is a metaphysical tradition, which has been a part of the cultures of the world for long. It has been used differently and with parallel implications or conclusions across the geographical and chronological spectrum. The nature around us is something from which alchemy draws most, if not all, of its inspiration.These symbols are alchemical symbols of four of the five basic elements of nature that are fire, water, air and earth respectively. Distilling from nature’s essential goodness to perform healing ‘miracles’ has been a way of life for many for centuries. All these miracles are a mixture of the magic of nature, and inquisitiveness and expertise on our part. Here’s to discovering and rediscovering many more such delights and wonders.