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Grasroutes Hair-colour Therapy

We use a variety of flora in all our formulations. Whole, dried, extracted, along with healing natural salts, resins, clays, minerals and energy fields, in crafty combinations designed to deliver a high therapeutic effect. Wild plants and herbs are nature’s true healers. They have in them qualities that are capable of helping undo the damage our lifestyles have done to us. Mixing, matching and experimenting with them has of long been a hobby that we want to share with you

activated charcoal

Food-grade Activated Charcoal

Grasroutes Food Grade Activated Charcoal is an ‘always-have-in-your-cabinet’ emergency, wide-application black powder. To know a lot more about it scroll down and also  click here.

Expiry- If kept air tight and away from moisture, Activated Charcoal powder has indefinite life.

Art Of Feeling

Find what you want to feel now, and wear it with joy; put it up in your favorite haunts, gift it to someone you care for. Or ask for something to be specially crafted for you that reminds you of..
Pendant/ Cord

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