Our Ideas

GrasRoutes is a path of holistic personal care, health practices, and spiritual cultivation. ‘Gras’ also stands for ‘Guaranteed absolutely safe’ or ‘Generally Regarded Safe‘. In this non-absolute world of relative truths, we strive for relatively, the highest levels of safety and dependability. In doing so, we meld traditional wisdom with modern know-how to offer you the best. What we bring you are ideas, books and products which we are passionate about, have used and tested ourselves, and made part of our lives, whether we’ve created them or not. GrasRoutes began as a search for alternatives to corrosive living… ways to be at harmony with our environment and within ourselves and ways to change our present reality.

Our Beginning

Our first product was developed over three years of experimenting with various options, because a friend ‘D’ was not happy with using chemical dyes. Her hair was falling out rapidly. She demanded that we come up with a solution. How could such faith not yield results? So GrasRoutes grew over the years, responding to real needs of people.

Our Offerings

The self-care products that we bring you are thoroughly researched and tested for therapeutic effects, crafted in relatively small quantities and so far, made without any synthetic chemicals or chemical preservatives. These are the two things that are the visible and invisible cause of many allergies, chronic ailments, respiratory problems and other collateral damages, including various forms of cancer.
Behind everything nice is usually an interesting story… like the Indian editions GrasRoutes publishes of the Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) series of books by Yogani. Yogani is the incognito creator of ‘aypsite.com’. AYP is an in-depth, unassuming, huge global wave in self-regulated yogic practices that helps transform millions at their own pace, and without binding them to any ‘ism’, organization, or group.

May we all be whole, integrated in body, mind, and spirit; as well as in all the dimensions we pervade. We wish you a safe arrival, and an eventful, joyous journey … whichever way you walk!