R K Chandrika, professionally a documentary film maker since 1990, has since the past 30 years, studied and applied various kinds of alternative medicine and therapies, healing, as well as practiced different forms of metaphysical paradigms before arriving at a point of equilibrium and peace.

She has helped innumerable people on the physical, mental and existential (spirit) planes to arrive at solutions, and approach their lives from an enhanced sense of well-being, power and understanding.

One on one consultations/sessions with R K Chandrika by appointment: +91 7042070440, grasroutes@gmail.com

The consultations/ sessions, for an hour, can be for any of the following:

  1. Complete history taking of body-mind conditions, and recommending a nutrition-supplement, natural treatment (including detoxification, exercise, and specific therapies) and diet plan to get back to health.


  1. Specific problems in relationship with persons or circumstances (family, career, relationship with opposite sex, finance, etc), or with self. Tools and methods suggested to overcome the situation, and to arrive at a point of contentment or breakthrough. These will be discussed at a metaphysical level, with the aim of knowing yourself and being empowered to find solutions.


  1. Guidance in body-mind-spirit matrix; use of practices, methods, meditation to know yourself, and arrive at a more desirable reality.


Each session is charged Rs 1500/- , payable before the session.

Sessions can be done in person (at Gurgaon), over the phone, or over skype. Home visits in Gurgaon or Delhi will cost an additional Rs 2000/-

You can write or call to find out what sort of a session is most suited to you. As per different personal requirements, she often uses a unique mix of different aspects for each person.