1. What is this made of?
A. Botanicals and natural material like shells, minerals, stones, etc., processed and preserved in synthetic resin. We also use a sort of handcrafted clay, besides glues, gums, wood and metal in some of our art.

2. Is this a mechanical process?
A. It is completely handcrafted and skill intensive process, requiring very gentle and dexterous handling. A single piece can take us from 2 weeks to 6 week’s to finish, depending on the complexity  of the piece.

3. How long will this last?
A. If kept carefully, your Art of Feeling accessories will last more than a lifetime. Keep in a separate box to avoid scratches, and do not leave out in the sun, or near fire. If cleaning is required, wipe with moist, soft cloth.

4. It looks delicate: will it break?
A. Dropping will not break it. But deliberately or accidentally crushing the thinner pieces or hammering them with a heavy object can indeed damage them.

5. Can you make 4 (or 100) pieces exactly like this one?
A. We probably cannot make even two pieces that are exactly the same. They can, however be similar. We will also depend on the ease of availability of the embedded flora at that time.

6. Can you make an accessory/special object out of xyz flower/plant/article  ?
A. We need to assess each order on a case by case basis. If you fill out the ‘customize’ form, we’ll get back to you with what’s possible, and give suggestions too.

7. Can you set this in silver/gold/rhodium?
A. We should be able to give you silver hooks, backings on special orders. Gold and rhodium may be difficult to do, since we cannot ensure purity of these precious metals. If you have any kind of a special request, please fill out the form, or write to us at grasroutes@gmail.com, or call/text us at 7042070440, and we’ll get back to you.

8. Do you have several artisans making this for you?
A. No, this is the work of one artist, and she is logistically supported by her partner.