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Helped by CoVid

When CoVid-19 struck, I wanted to be able to post a sure shot solution here, which most people would be able to follow. The mainstream system was struggling then, and is now. And new virus strains coming on. The alternative treatments and solutions I read about were doubtful at best. I tried some. 

But my desire was intense enough for me to decide I would not post anything to the Grasroutes page till I was convinced of a way. 

Unsurprisingly I got the Covid. Symptomatic. I wasn’t worried. I can’t pass on a solution that I haven’t tried out. My parents living with me didn’t get it, though I was honestly very concerned at that time. Others getting ill was out of my intention goals. With a mix of mainstream medication and alternatives, I and my spouse recovered. 

Then began the post-Covid symptoms. Piercing migraine-like headaches, exhaustion, body pains, shortness of breath, persistent cough. Feeling a bit dragged down. 

A Solution to CoVid?

I looked around keenly and found something that everyone can do. I tested it out for well over a month, in which time not only did the persistent post-Covid symptoms disappear within a few days, but I also found a daily fountain of energy and enthusiasm that was greater than any time I can remember. Including when I was in my thirties, doing 8-12 hours a day of advanced yoga practices (including pranayama). I am in my fifties now. 

It’s only another beginning of an exciting journey. But I don’t want to wait till the end to share it with everyone. Because if you aren’t recovering from Covid, you still want steel immunity from it. You still want to be able to live life fully and not hide in fear from an invisible, half dead- half alive threat. And I trust that you will take whatever you find far beyond what I have.

It’s not about only Covid. This is for friends around the world who are coping with anything… from Arthritis, Bronchitis, Cancer, Diabetes … to Zika virus. ABCD of all sickness. Including anxiety, depression, grief and the large family of mental conditions.

There are three components to the simpler version: Breathing, Cold showers and Intention. I would put intention first. 

You can also drop the cold showers if you aren’t inclined. And I would replace ‘will power’, with the more gentle and powerful ‘imagination’ in the manner of Neville Goddard.  

I will direct you to Wim Hof’s website to go through his free mini-series: . Read his books. Listen to his videos. Learn it from the horse’s mouth.  

This will help you, if you set your intention and imagination in the right place, and don’t indulge in foolhardiness. I encourage everyone to try, AFTER reading all the cautions placed there.  Take it forward as much as you like. Add to it, subtract from it. Take responsibility. Play with it and make it yours.  You are your own healer and panacea. 

Beyond Protocols

I did not learn this protocol (and other variations of this) from Wim Hof, but from Richard Haight. But I found Hof through him. And Hof sets it simply. I feel the largest number of people can follow his methods immediately to contend with our present pandemic of the virus, lifestyle diseases, and identity separation; not necessarily in that order. 

I learn from individuals and groups and then go my way, because exclusivity and grouping doesn’t reach everyone. It also starts conditioning you into a different set of restricting norms. And egoism. I believe every single individual in the world has the wisdom and ability to find their way, as long as they don’t restrict, harm or judge others. And none is greater or lesser. 

If you are in search of something deeper, enlightening and transformational, look for Richard Haight. Try Neville Goddard. Hear out Bentinho Massaro. Find something else from the past, present or future. Then walk your own unique path. These are inspirational tools and principles. Do not be restricted by what someone else has made of them.

I walk mine to be free of the greater sickness that I, as part of this mankind, must shake off before we claim any degree of enlightenment – bigotry, narrowness, hatred, violence, corruption, dishonesty, and inauthenticity. 

I seek paths to keep re-birthing, to shake off the restricting conditioning of time, and to find a new myself –  free of limiting definitions and identity, able to move from unconditioned love.  

The very best to you, on your journey to health, mastery and freedom. 

Am happy to answer anything I can here. 

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