Grasroutes Hair Colour Therapy
Grasroutes Hair colour Resultant colour - Dark Brown to Muted Black Ingredients Barg e hina 4.0 gms,  Amla 2.0 gms, barg e neel 1.4 gms,  Bhangra 0.8 gms,  Harad 0.6 gms, Baheda 0.6 gms,  Brahmi 0.1 gms, Katha 0.1 gms Gloves, plastic cap and instructions are provided for easy application and correct procedure.   Grasroutes Hair Colour Therapy is a botanical and natural hair colouring powder that improves scalp health and promotes hair growth. It is an excellent conditioner for most hair types, and gives body to fine and limp hair. The ingredients are chosen as much for their colouring ability as for their hair nourishing virtues.   Regular use coats grey hair with a medium to dark brown colour that blends with the natural colour of hair.  If you are using it the first time on greys, it may take two or three applications before the best colour shows up. Subsequently the colour is maintained and takes on easily. The contents, as per the detailed instructions given, are to be applied for one to one and half hours, depending on the thickness of hair shaft.   Grasroutes Hair Colour Therapy is the best solution for those seeking an alternative to harmful chemical dying.  Henna users will find this a better alternative, since it lends hair a natural deep brown to muted black instead of the brassy orange colour of henna.   No chemicals. Store in cool, dark, dry place. Not tested on animals. For External Use Only    
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Just Indigo
Net weight: 150 gms Indigo leaf powder is just that – the leaves of the plant indigofera tinctoriapowdered and stored in a manner that optimises the retention of its value. Indigo leaf powder is considered eminently favourable for hair, and is also used in several formulations in traditional streams of medicine, especially for maladies of the brain. We recommend that the paste be applied as per instructions, in-between applications of Grasroutes Hair Colour Therapy, to maintain darker hair. The periodicity can vary from once in a month to once in a quarter. For those who already use Henna on their hair, a second application of just indigo powder for an hour will make their hair considerably and markedly dark – even jet black.
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Grasroutes Henna-mix
150 gms Key Ingredients: Lawsonia inermis, Embellica officinalis, Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellirica, Acacia catechu  Pure Henna (Lawsonia Inermis) leaf powder, mixed with the three myrobalan powders, catechu, etc., to enhance hair colour and conditioning. You can apply this occasionally as first base. Then follow up on the second day with  Grasroutes Hair Colour Therapy or Just Indigo.
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activated charcoal
Grasroutes Food Grade Activated Charcoal (made of coconut shell)
80 gms Grasroutes Food Grade Activated Charcoal is an 'always-have-in-your-cabinet' emergency, wide-application black powder. To know a lot more about it scroll down and also  click here. Expiry- If kept air tight and away from moisture, Activated Charcoal powder has indefinite life.
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Ageless Amla
Ageless Amla
Pure herb: Embellica officinalis 200 gms Grasroutes pure amla berry powder is nutrition, curative and preventive medicine, and personal care regime all rolled into one. This is essential stock in your alternative medicine cabinet.You can trust this to resolve issues of constipation, digestion, heartburn or acidity. Better still, try it for its ancient proclamation of being an anti-aging daily tonic. You can also use it topically for great results with hair and skin!     Isn’t it safest and most GRAS to put on your skin only what you would put into your mouth?   Food-grade, pure Amla powder eaten regularly is rejuvenating, and is rich in antioxidants, being one of the highest natural sources of Vitamin C, an essential vitamin for growth and repair of all body tissues. It is estimated that one teaspoon of amla powder contains about 40 mg of Vitamin C, where the recommended daily dose is 65-90 mg.  Additionally, in nature’s way of things, which is also reiterated in the Ayurvedic and Unani systems, this vitamin in Amla combines with its phosphorus, iron, calcium, fibre and other components to deliver far more benefits than mega doses of synthetic vitamin C. Since the human body does not produce vitamin C, to get the most out of the natural Vitamin C in Amla, it is best taken regularly as food or supplement. Amla paste applied topically to hair, strengthens roots, adds volume to hair, eliminates dandruff, deepens dark colour, and conditions hair.   Some Ways of Using Amla  
  • Ingestion
When you don’t get the fresh fruit, and many times, even when you do, amla powder is handy to use, and retains substantial nutrients. The most recommended way of taking it -  soak overnight in half a cup of water and drink the water along with powder in the morning on an empty stomach.   Those using triphala (an ayurvedic formulation that balances the humors of vata, pitta, and kapha) combine Amla powder with Bhibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica) and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) powders in different ratios (usually recommended ratio in the order listed above is 3:2:1) as per need or physician’s recommendation, and take it in the same manner.   Amla is also used in cooking when a dash of sourness is called for.  
  • Topical application
  For Hair To condition and darken black or dark brown hair:
  1. As per the length and thickness of your hair, mix requisite quantity of amla powder with four times the water (filtered) and cook in an iron vessel on first medium, then low fire till the powder is reduced to a dark paste.
  2. Let the paste cool, then cover with a lid, food wrap or plastic cover, preferably making it air tight, leaving it overnight.
  3. In the morning, make this dark paste of easily applicable consistency by adding more filtered water, and apply on clean and dry head, making sure to coat your hair a little thickly, working with small sections.
  4. Wear a protective shower cap after you’ve applied it evenly all over your hair, and wait for at least an hour before washing it off thoroughly with cool water.
  To colour grey hair dark brown: Follow steps 1 and 2 above. In the morning add 3-6 teaspoons of Grasroutes (or any other) Just Indigo powder to the thick paste. You will have to experiment with the quantity of indigo to arrive at your optimum colour. Add almost boiling water to mix it all into applicable consistency (like thick, hung curd). Apply on hair, covering well, and put on shower cap for an hour. Use the same procedure in the end as for Grasroutes Hair Colour Therapy. You can do this process once in two months, and use Grasroutes Hair Colour Therapy in-between.   For Skin Some of the best skin applications are made with foods and plants around you. You can combine amla powder with a variety of flowers (water of rose, jasmine, calendula), fruit (papaya, pomegranate, banana), vegetable (carrot, potato, spinach, tamarind) and herbs (aloe vera, basil).   Two masks to try:
Anti-aging face mask - amla powder, raw milk and carrot juice
Brighten your skin and get rid of blemishes, pigmentation and fine wrinkles. Take four teaspoons of amla powder, and mix it with the juice of a quarter grated carrot (squeeze the grated carrot to extract juice) and raw milk to form a spreadable paste. Apply on face, neck and back of hands. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with cool water and repeat on alternate days for a fortnight for results.
Amla, yoghurt and honey to improve complexion and brighten skin
Take four teaspoons amla powder and mix with one teaspoon each of honey and curd. Apply it evenly on your face, neck and hands and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Wash with cool water and pat dry.    
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