Grasroutes Hair Colour Therapy
Grasroutes Hair colour Resultant colour - Dark Brown to Muted Black Ingredients Barg e hina 4.0 gms,  Amla 2.0 gms, barg e neel 1.4 gms,  Bhangra 0.8 gms,  Harad 0.6 gms, Baheda 0.6 gms,  Brahmi 0.1 gms, Katha 0.1 gms Gloves, plastic cap and instructions are provided for easy application and correct procedure.   Grasroutes Hair Colour Therapy is a botanical and natural hair colouring powder that improves scalp health and promotes hair growth. It is an excellent conditioner for most hair types, and gives body to fine and limp hair. The ingredients are chosen as much for their colouring ability as for their hair nourishing virtues.   Regular use coats grey hair with a medium to dark brown colour that blends with the natural colour of hair.  If you are using it the first time on greys, it may take two or three applications before the best colour shows up. Subsequently the colour is maintained and takes on easily. The contents, as per the detailed instructions given, are to be applied for one to one and half hours, depending on the thickness of hair shaft.   Grasroutes Hair Colour Therapy is the best solution for those seeking an alternative to harmful chemical dying.  Henna users will find this a better alternative, since it lends hair a natural deep brown to muted black instead of the brassy orange colour of henna.   No chemicals. Store in cool, dark, dry place. Not tested on animals. For External Use Only    
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