Grasroutes Forest Hair Serum
18 ml We make this product only on order to ensure that the natural ingredients are fresh and most effective. We do not use chemical preservatives to extend the shelf life of the product, to make sure the life of your hair is protected and prolonged. We do use very special ingredients that work their magic on your hair, and a combination of natural preservatives. If not exposed to moisture and water or contaminants, the serum has a shelf life of over 8 months.

Grasroutes Forest Hair serum helps with surface stimulation, moisturisation, and nourishment of hair follicles to encourage hair growth. It is a daily use, leave-on hair serum.

Kindly allow 4-5 days after payment for the processing of the hair serum, upon which it shall be dispatched to you. We will inform you on the day that it is dispatched.
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