Bangle with violet mix of flower petals
Bangle with a riot of mixed petals - bauhinia, bougainvillea, and basil, homogenised with a touch of fluorescent violet, makes focal the diversity of life and perceptions. Size: small – approx. inner diameter 54 mm. Measure the inner diameter of a bangle that fits you well, and match with the size to assess what will be a good fit for you. The bangle surface may not be completely smooth from all angles on close examination, which is part of the handcrafting. The appearance, forms and colours embedded construct an exclusive and handcrafted look. The inner side has a seamed in groove. It is smooth to wear. For most pieces, we have the front and back views. Some of them can be worn on either side The one-rupee coin comparison gives you a visual impression of the size. Point at image to go up close.
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