Conical Araucaria Danglers


The freshness of a green sprig of Araucaria rises from crystal blue in this cool pair of conical earrings.

For most pieces, we have the front and back views. Some of them can be worn on either side

The one-rupee coin comparison gives you a visual impression of the size. Point on image to go close


What do you imagine actively or passively? What does this ornament make you feel?

Bring greater awareness to your inner self, and watch your world change.

Do you look for pre-assigned meanings given by somebody – a book, religion, guru-figures, or do you decide what something means?

Are you able to derive happiness from the smallest fulfilled desire, and let that feeling of gratitude flow into your next moments?

Do you feel happy, at peace, or ecstatic in nature? How about in your own nature?

When not in use store your ‘Art of Feeling’ accessories in a separate box. Wipe with a moist, soft cloth, when cleaning is required.

Master your reality – learn the Art of Feeling


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