Drop shaped Ear and Pendant set


Bold Red draws attention to a wisp of Wild Verbena leaf (Glandularia bipinnatifida), set against the delicate skeletal network of Peepal leaf (Ficus Religiosa).

The metal hooks are silver-coloured plating on alloy metal. The cord is long-lasting leather with sliding knots, enabling choker to long variations.

The one-rupee coin comparison gives you a visual impression of the size. Point on image to go close.


 Drop-shaped Pendant and Ear Combination

Wear the real ornaments of nature – colourful and unique flowers, leaves, seeds.

What does this make you feel, and what does it express for you? What you feel is what what you create in your world.

A dash of translucent red draws attention to the fragile leaf of wild verbena, and when light catches it, the mesmerising skeletal network of the peepul leaf shows up.

To care for your Art of Feeling Accessories, keep stored separately in a box. You may wipe clean with a moist, soft cloth if needed.


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