Beautiful Heritage
Feel the beauty of nature. Painstakingly preserved, artfully designed by us. The rich biodiversity of earth. Seed, flower, leaf, root, bark, mineral, metal, and stone. They make Imaginative gifts too.
Power of plants and metaphysical symbols
Feel the meaning of nature. Tulsi (ocimum sanctum) and marigold (calendula officinalis) have spiritual value for many. The Mother (Aurobindo) has authored a whole book explaining the spiritual attributes of every sort of flower. Many traditions have different symbols and meanings attached to flowers, which you can find aplenty on the net. Maybe you have your own personal meaning for them. You are the one that accepts or gives meaning. Let your jewelry work for you at multiple levels.
Medicinal value 
Feel healed in every way. Every plant has medicinal and nutritional value. The Prophet (pbuh) said of Nigella sativa that kalonji can cure everything except death. These collectibles can begin an exciting process of enquiry and exploration of the many uses of flora.