In an endeavor to keep the quality high while keeping the prices reasonable, we are in the lookout for direct marketing channels to ensure that feeding distribution chains does not inflate the price unduly and makes our products available to our valued customers at reasonable costs.

In one such step, we cultivate Wisdom Partners wherever we can. They are usually people who like and use Grasroutes products, and fully appreciate the benefits of living close to nature. These Grasroutes Wisdom Partners stock products, making it easily available for people in their locality.

If you are in the vicinity of any of out Wisdom Partners, You can pick up your Grasroutes products directly from them.


  • Ms Jula Ramakrishnan, C-361, Sushant Lok-I, Gurgaon-122009; Cell: +91 9871963966
  • Mr Govind Malhan, C-1, Sushant Lok-II, Sector 56, Gurgaon-122011 ; Cell: +91 9468469844


  • Ms Rubina Nasreen, Qafla, Tonk, Rajasthan – 304001; Cell: +91 9680596670


  • Mr Aslam Khan, 16/723 Ganesh Nagar, Pahda, Behind Saraswati Hospital, Udaipur;  Cells: +91 9214434762, +91 9414192250