The workshop, ‘Physical to Metaphysical Empowerment – Step-One’,  is done in four weekend sessions of two hours each. Follow up workshops as Step-Two and Step-Three available for those interested in taking it further.

We do a workshop with a minimum of five participants, and a maximum of ten. 

The workshop includes:

  1. Meridian Stretches for total health (daily time investment once learned – 15 minutes)
  2. 25 Vital Pressure Points for total health (daily time investment once learned – 15 minutes)
  3. Nutritional advice
  4. Detox plan
  5. Natural supplement suggestions
  6. Specific advice to each participant for specific issue
  7. Understanding the self through instantaneous meditation
  8. Understanding the nature and power of the self
  9. Breathing techniques
  10. Video links to Stretches and Pressure points for later reference
  11. Quick reference sheets for the Stretches and Pressure Points
  12. Three follow-up phone calls or emails

    The workshop will be conducted in Gurgaon, at a residential setup. 

    Workshops can be conducted anywhere in India, provided the travel, food and stay are borne by participants, apart from the fee of the workshop. Out of NCR workshops will be conducted on four consecutive days, with the minimum number participants being seven. 

    The fee per participant is Rs 5,500/- , payable before the classes begin. 


Workshops for Corporate and non-government organisations can be done, with specific goals incorporated.

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