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Grasroutes Food Grade Activated Charcoal (made of coconut shell)


80 gms

Grasroutes Food Grade Activated Charcoal is an ‘always-have-in-your-cabinet’ emergency, wide-application black powder. To know a lot more about it scroll down and also  click here.

Expiry- If kept air tight and away from moisture, Activated Charcoal powder has indefinite life.


What It Is

While both are forms of carbon, Activated Charcoal  (AC) is different from normal charcoal, in having been processed in a manner that makes it highly porous, which enables a very small quantity of the AC powder to have a disproportionately enormous surface with a phenomenal adsorption capacity.  Activated Charcoal ADsorbs as opposed to ABsorbs toxins. It basically means that the charcoal itself with its charge, attracts the toxin particles to its surface. Then, when the charcoal powder gets eliminated from the body, with it out go the toxins.


The Grasroutes Food Grade Activated Charcoal, processed from Coconut shells ahs been done without chemicals, and in a manner that renders it food grade.


How it can be used

What we cite here is merely information, and should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult your physician or therapist before use.

In modern medicine, Activated Charcoal is usually used in the Emergency section of hospitals, to quickly clean out over dosage of certain drugs and poisons. If you ever encounter such an emergency, while it is fine first aid to immediately administer a dose of AC to the patient, we do not recommend self diagnosis and self treatment, and the patient must be rushed to the hospital for professional medical supervision. It is to be noted, that AC is not thought to work to neutralise or adsorb corrosive acids and alcohol, when consumed.

AC has largely replaced simple charcoal filters in water filtering systems all over the world.


Traditionally Food grade AC powder has been used for dental health and drawing out infections and toxins in the mouth acting on both teeth and gums.


It has been used widely as a poultice mixed with ground flaxseed or clays for boils, pimples, acne, skin infections and lesions, infected wounds, spider and insect bites of a poisonous nature, swelling and inflammation, as well as joint pains from conditions like rheumatism, arthritis, gout, etc.

It has been used in the same manner as eye pads for conditions like sties, inflammation, and even glaucoma and macular degeneration, though we have not yet found systematic studies of such cases.

It has also been used as large poultices on the lower back, the kidney area in treating kidney conditions. It has been reported to draw out toxins from the kidneys, reversing the disease.



Again, it has been used internally to treat conditions ranging from stomach infections, fever, gastric issues, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, and general gut health, kidney and liver health by taking out toxins and non-organic foods, heavy metals and material that impair their optimal functioning.

It has also been taken to lower cholesterol, as well as to lower creatinine levels.

Food grade Activated Charcoal is an essential first aid, all-round healer and emergency treatment to always have at hand.



We are merely giving information here, and this should not be construed as medical advice for anyone to self-treat any condition. We do recommend that you consult your therapist before taking AC internally.


If you do, please flag the following points to be heeded:

  1. AC can dehydrate, so water consumption has to be significantly increased during its intake. This specially applies to people who have a tendency towards constipation.
  2. AC can be taken SOS, but when used for general detoxification, must be taken for short durations, like a week or so in a month, unless advised differently and monitored by a therapist with experience in administering AC. It can be, however, taken often in short spurts, should it be indicated by the person’s condition.
  3. AC can adsorb prescription medicines and supplements, and it is advised that it is taken at least an hour away from such.
  4. Passing black stools even a couple of days after stopping the intake of AC is normal, since it is merely the powder being eliminated from the system in the natural way.
  5. If the powder in storage has accidentally come into contact with some other undesirable material, please discard the AC, since it is highly adsorbent.
  6. When people use it along with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, they have DE in the morning and the AC in the evening (again, only for a specific number of days). It seems to work best thus in maximising the synergetic detoxing results.


For a personal consultation on detoxification and nutrition for total health, fix an appointment with R K Chandrika on +91 7042070440 (Rs 1200/- per consultation in Gurgaon). Can also be done over the phone or skype.

Additional information

Weight 100 g


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